In March 2022, Arts SU joined Students and Students' Union's from Universities nationwide, to stand up for a reformed system of Higher Education.

Students had the chance to learn more about the National Student Movement, and to take part in workshops and interactive projects which built their campaign skills and informed them on how they can change education for the better.


Why a national student strike?

Communities within Higher Education have used strikes to show their power for generations. Think about the climate strikes, or how UAL staff walked out in December to advocate for fair and equal pay. If you took part in them you’ll know: when we come together, we create community, build our movement and become a force. 

NUS did a callout for students nationwide to come together in London on 2nd March 2022: "We will take over central London, and build our own education for the day – it’s a protest, it’s a party, and it’s something we come together for."

Together, we advocated for:

  • Fully funded: higher and further education to be funded by governments - free at the point of use for students - with proper pay, pensions and conditions for staff across education and beyond 
  • Accessible: creating safe and inclusive spaces – built for students here and now - and uprooting disablism in our education  
  • Lifelong: there to support us from cradle to grave - think less restrictive, more fluid & flexible  
  • Democratised: giving students more power and agency over our own learning