Why are we doing this work?

Every student at UAL should feel safe, supported and respected, regardless of race, nationality or culture. Decolonising UAL is a legacy project which has been championed by previous Officer Teams, and this year's Officers are ready to build on that work in order to ensure that every UAL is a representative and inclusive learning environment.

We want to continue working to break down barriers and encourage action on systematic racism within Higher Education. At UAL, Black and minority ethnic students are around 21.5% less likely to achieve a 1st or a 2:1 in comparison to their white peers. There is clearly still work to do to ensure that these students are given the tools and support to have an equitable learning experience.


What are our primary goals and objectives for this Academic Year?

  • Ensure that UAL’s courses are diverse and representative of the students who are taking them by focussing on diversifying the curriculum through our Modernising Course Resources project.
  • Achieve policy changes around Extenuating circumstances, including adding Racial Trauma to the ECs list, and getting UAL to agree to a continuation of self-certification.
  • Holding UAL to account on their Anti-Racism Strategy,  which includes Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) training for all student facing staff. We want to see positive progress and transparency.


What are we working on?

What is the project: What have we achieved: What is in the pipeline:

Modernising Course Resources - CCW pilot scheme. 


Our first pilot sessions have just taken place. Rachel Williams, Education Officer, is now in the process of providing feedback to CCW to continue to improve the 'Modernising Course Resources' sessions. We hope to offer the Modernising Course Resources project to all CCW courses by the end of the Academic Year, and to all UAL Colleges by the end of the next academic year.

Black History Month - Looking Beyond 

Black History Month Crits & Discussion event
The event was a great success, with 30 students attending for a fantastic discussion. One student claimed this was the 'first space she had felt represented and could openly discuss race' since studying at UAL. 
Potential to build future events around this structure. Projects currently in discussion include a 'Black Art Tour' and another Crits Event to complement our LGBTQ+ History Month Exhibition.

Extenuating Circumstances - Racial Trauma and Self Certification. 

The Arts SU Policy & Advice Team have scheduled a meeting with UAL's Regulations Officer in charge of Extenuating Circumstances. Following the meeting, we will be sharing any wins, and informing the student body about the next steps that we will be taking.

Black Artist Representation and Activism 


We are planning to work with the Black Cultural Archives to deliver a session around grassroots histories and activism, and archiving your own histories. This also feeds into our Community Mobilisation priority - so watch this space!


Want to chat to one of our Officers about how you can get involved in this campaign?

                      A photo of Syahadah, who is wearing a red top.

Rachel Williams, Education Officer                Syahadah Shahril, Campaigns Officer