Supporting International Students

As an international graduate, one of the Welfare Officer, Pinky Latt's priorities is to represent UAL’s international students and campaign for them to be valued by this institution. 

Last year she persuaded the Students' Union to start covering visa expenses for its Sabbatical Officers, as an incentive to get more international students to run for office. At the SU we also successfully lobbied for the UAL Hardship Fund to be open to international students.  

This year Pinky aims to build on that, by helping to increase financial support at UAL for those paying double the rate of Home students! She's also pushing for more inclusivity within the curriculum for students who speak English as an additional language, and a more inclusive course culture between students from different backgrounds.  

From January 2021 new European students will also start being classed as international, it’s Pinky's aim to see that UAL doesn’t drop the ball in supporting those students either! 

This priority falls alongside the Students’ Union’s ongoing work on Decolonising the Curriculum. A huge proportion of international students are from BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) backgrounds, which is why better support for these students should be essential to UAL’s anti-racist strategy.  

Welfare Officer - Pinky Latt



  • Tackling language barriers placed on international students within UAL 
  • Building a more inclusive community between international and home students 
  • Getting the university to commit to creating more bursaries 
  • Increasing transparency around the university's financial support for international students



Term 1: October - December 2020 Supporting Documents
  • We have met with Stephen Marshall (University Secretary and Registrar) from the UAL Executive Board and the International Student Department to discuss creating more bursaries for International Students. 
  • We had addressed the subject of EU students' status next academic year and have asked that the International Student Department make sure this information is made clear to all students 
  • We have discussed with the International Student Department how EU students will need more support with potential settlement cases and have a more tailored support package. 
  • We have addressed the undergraduate scholarships for International students and are pushing for them to make it assessed on a means based system rather than purely academic achievement. 
Term 2: January - March 2021  
Term 3: April - June 2021