What is this campaign?

  • Continuing the build on the work of the previous Officer team, we are taking the approach that Accessibility and Support are not a ‘one size fits all issue. UAL need to do more to ensure that every UAL student is given the tools and support they need to get the most out of their course of study. UAL has the potential to be industry-leading in its approach to accessibility and inclusivity, instead, the second-best rated Arts University in the world continues to be inaccessible to many disabled artists and students.
  • We will be working to ensure that Teaching & Learning is accessible as standard, not only when a support plan or accessibility agreement are in place. The move to online teaching has shown that UAL can support inclusive learning practices, with compulsory lecture capture benefitting disabled students and ESL speakers alike, and also better supporting student parents, carers and distance learners. Whilst we are in support of a move back to campus-based learning, we will hold UAL to account in considering how we can make sure these positive movements are incorporated also.
  • We will also be placing emphasis on working to make our Sports Clubs and Societies as inclusive as possible, identifying and removing barriers that could stop students from participating in our activities. We want our communities to be open for anyone to join.  


What are our primary goals and objectives for this Academic Year?

  • We want to see Disability Awareness Training made compulsory for staff across UAL Colleges, alongside rolling this out to our own staff and student volunteers.
  • We will be lobbying UAL to commit to inclusive practice as a standard, rather than just where an individual support plan or accessibility agreement are in place.
  • We know that not all Disabled* students disclose this to the University. We want transparency from UAL around how disability status information is used, to encourage every student with access needs to declare their status.

  • We want to ensure that our Sports Clubs & Societies, and Arts Opportunities are accessible to every student.


What are we working on?

What is the project: Progress So Far Next Steps 

Disability Awareness Training for staff

UAL have provisionally agreed to a mandatory Disability Awareness module for all UAL Staff. We are working with Disability Services to trial mandatory training with all Arts SU Staff, as well as opening the training up to Course Reps and Sports Clubs & Society Leaders. We hope to hold these sessions at the start of Term 3.

Lecture Capture and Close Captioning 

APP have established a working group to look at how this is implemented, which Welfare Officer, Georgia Spencer, is sitting on. Working with Disability Services on research into inclusive teaching practices (see below). We are hoping the result of this is that UAL standardise inclusive teaching practices. 
UAL Evaluation of Accessibility & Inclusivity on Courses Georgia Spencer (Welfare) & SU Staff have worked as a consultant to Disability Services, who sought our advice with regards to a research project into accessible and inclusive practice. The project, which will also be offering paid work to Course Reps, will be taking place at the start of Term 3. Next meeting to discuss logistics to take place w/c 21/03/22.

The process around Declaring Disability Status 

We are feeding into the Disability / Accessibility working group in order to lobby for transparency around how student disability declaration is used. We will be seeking a commitment from UAL to add a disclaimer to the registration page, to encourage students to declare their status. Our Advice & Policy team are also working to produce guides which showcase the support available to students.

Inclusive Sports Clubs, Societies, and Arts Opportunities


Armani, Activities Officer, held 121s with all Clubs & Societies, to evaluate accessibility and inclusive practice. We have placed more emphasis on wellness & inclusivity in a wellbeing project with UAL.

Armani, Activities Officer, will be continuing her focus on inclusive & accessible clubs and societies (see Wellbeing Pop-ups, Community Mobilisation).


Want to chat to one of our Officers about how you can get involved in this campaign?

A photo of Georgia, who is wearing black glasses, a necklace, and a yellow top.                       A photo of Armani, who is wearing a white top.

Georgia Spencer, Welfare Officer                    Armani Sutherland, Activities Officer