Studying can be expensive, particularly when your subject requires you to fund the materials you use. Student expenditure is not limited to tuition fees and we are concerned that UAL students face particularly high costs when it comes to completing their course. We believe that studying at UAL should be accessible, regardless of your financial background, and so are lobbying UAL to address the impact of these additional costs.

To help us make the case to UAL we wrote a report on the expense students go to to study here and the impact it has. You can read our report here 

Wins As a direct result of our lobbying efforts we have sucessfully lobbied for a £250,000 a year fund to help students in hardship to make the cost of graduation free for all home students who recieve a grant with an application process for EU and International students to establish an activites fund, allowing everyone to access sports and societies to cut the cost of printing to make online submission manditory for all written work that is not being marked on presentation