The arts are struggling in our city, hit hard by the pandemic, with job losses, the closure of venues, and a lack of opportunities. There are other issues to consider: the cost of living, competitive job markets, unpaid internships, poor representation within creative industries, and many more.  

Uncertain and unprecedented are two words we hear far too often. It’s time we got rid of them and created our own optimism. Who better to begin proposing alternatives to the current status quo than you, the creative students who are directly affected by them?   

We're looking for UAL students and staff to participate in an assembly, involving a series of talks and workshops. Together, you’ll have the opportunity to explore:

  • Accessibility
  • Cross-Sector Collaboration
  • Decolonising the Arts
  • Sustainability
  • Working and Living in London as a Creative

The assembly will act as the basis for ongoing conversations around the future of arts and culture in our city. 

Think Big. Think Bold. 


The Assembly 

We’re looking for a cohort of students and staff to join the Creative Manifesto Assembly, where you’ll explore and discuss different aspects of arts and culture in London. 

Participants will be split into working groups of their choice, each exploring a particular theme: Sustainability, Decolonizing the Arts, Accessibility, Working and Living in London as a Creative and Cross-Sector Collaboration. 

To encourage ambitious considerations for ways to support creatives in London, the first half of each working group will be facilitated by organisations and individuals currently addressing the groups’ respective themes.  

The second half of of the working group will bring students and staff together to discuss the concerns and challenges of their groups' respective themes. We'll then go on to explore the alternatives to these, considering how arts and culture can change for the better over the next five years.

To register to take part in The Creative Manifesto Assembly please click here.  

The Creative Manifesto Opening Assembly Recording

Key Dates  
  • Opening Assembly – 10th February  

  • Working Group Meetings – 17th & 24th February 

*All meetings will take place on Zoom on Wednesday afternoons outside of regular teaching and learning times.