What is Arts Active?

The Arts Active membership gives you access to a programme of affordable social and recreational activities, designed to help you meet fellow students, try new things, and look after your wellbeing. Our weekly drop-in programme includes a variety of wellbeing activities.

All our classes are commitment-free, which means it’s up to you whether you want to try something different each week, or become a regular at your favourite session. All activities are non-competitive and open to all UAL students – regardless of experience or ability. 

A yearly membership is £40, or £20 if you are already a member of a Sports Club or Society. An Arts Active membership gives you access to all Arts Active activities, at no extra cost. You can purchase your membership at the top of this page!

We now also offer a pay-as-you-go system that allows you to pay for each session individually. Individual sessions cost between £1 and £3. Scroll down to book a session.

You can also follow us on Instagram, or like the official Arts Active Facebook page, for all the latest updates and information about the programme.  

Any questions? Make sure you read our FAQs before contacting the Arts Active Coordinator

When does Arts Active start?

Arts Active will start from Monday 25th October 2021 so keep an eye out for the upcoming timetable!



Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.

If you are having issues purchasing a membership, please contact us at artsactive@su.arts.ac.uk.


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Email: artsactive@su.arts.ac.uk

Instagram: @arts.activities

Facebook: Arts Active


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