Hey Everyone!

This is the UAL boxing club, a non-competitive sport, where everyone is welcome! All levels are invited to join- from complete beginners that just want to incorporate some sport into their week, to the pros that have been doing boxing for years & all in between.

Boxing is the best sport to do to get fit and healthy- it's fun & social and a great way to de-stress and sweat. You'll feel stronger, fitter & with all that serotonin pumping out, definitely happier. Whether you come to get fit or fight, we'll build your endurance & agility. 



We will be running online boxing & fitness sessions on Zoom every Thursday from 6-7pm starting Thursday 22nd October with our boxing teacher. Although not the same, it should be good transition for now, as we can still sweat and work out at home! We will also organize activities and events. The online session is led by a boxing coach and the focus will be on boxing technique with some fitness incorporated too.

Hopefully, during term two, we will be back in Holburn x2 a week kicking ass and seeing each other in person! When we move to in-person classes we will provide boxing gloves & pads, as well as some equipment for the fitness portion. Just bring some water and a towel. You're also welcome to bring your own gloves & hand wraps.



We will be running onling boxing sessions on Zoom every Thursday from 6-7pm starting from Thursday 22nd October


The Committee

President: Amaya Smith

Once you've paid for membership join us on the private group chat!