Application Dates:

You can submit a new club/society application within these dates: 

  • Term 1: 26th September- 30th October 2022 

  • Term 3: 19th–30th April  2023 

The decisions panel will meet in the week following the end of the application period to review your booklets.  The panel will meet on the following provisional dates: 

  • Friday 14th October (Term 1) 

  • Friday 4th November. (Term 1)

  • Application are closed for Term 2 due to the Societies Development Coordinator role being vacant at the SU. 

  • Friday 5th May (Term 3) 

Decisions will be circulated in the week following the panel meeting.

If you submit your New Society Booklet outside this timeframe there is no guarantee they will be considered.  

Please fill out a either the New Society Booklet or the New Sports Club Booklet and send it to us using the emails below. 





How to create a new society or sports club:

At Arts SU we are committed to facilitating community building, developing the skills and experience of our student leaders, and celebrating the wonderful achievements of our clubs and societies. 

Leading a Sports Club or Society comes with lots of benefits such as meeting lots of new people, forging friendships, gaining skills for future employment and the potential to win your sports club or society an award in our annual awards ceremony.  

Here is a step-by-step guide: 

  1. First check that your sports club or society idea (or something similar) doesn’t already exist. You can do so in the sports and societies pages on the SU website. If the group already exists, email the group’s President and see if you can start working together. We will not approve requests for societies that already exist.

  2. There are also a number of clubs and societies on ‘pause’ at the bottom of this page that do not currently have committees active. Instead of starting from scratch, you can also choose to revive one of these societies following the same process below. 

  3. You should now start to think about who will make up your committee. As all of our sports clubs and societies are run by student committees, there are two roles we require you to have to start a new one: President and Treasurer. Without these two committee positions being fulfilled, we cannot approve your request. If you have trouble finding someone to fulfil either of these positions, talk to your friends, reach out on social media, and contact course leaders. Get the word out!  

  4. Once you’ve got these two essential positions filled you can add additional committee roles - such as: Vice President, Social Secretary, Social Media Officer, Events Officer. These extra roles are not essential to get you up and running but a bigger committee often benefits your society. 

  5. Now that you have some other students on board you can work together to fill in the New Societies Booklet or the New Sports Club Booklet. New society or sports club booklets will only be considered if they are submitting within the following dates: 

  • Term 1: 26th September- 30th October 2022 

  • Term 2: 16th-23rd January 2023   

  • Term 3: 19th–30th April  2023 6. Your booklet will include the following: 

  • Club/Society aims. These are the core identity of your group, and what you want to provide for your members. All of your future club/society activities should fit within these aims. 

  • Any potential new sports club or society are required to have a minimum of 10 current UAL students who would be interested in joining that club/society 

  • Club/Society Constitution. This outlines how your society fits within Arts SU and the do’s and don’ts of how the society can operate as an official society/club. Don’t worry, we provide the template, you just need to read, fill in your aims and sign! 

  • Providing us with the information you would like displayed on your website 

  1. If you get stuck on your booklet, don’t worry! Just email the Sports Development Coordinator or Societies Development Coordinator if you need support.  

  1. The decisions panel will meet in the weeks following the application period ending to review your booklets.  The panel will meet on the following dates: 

  • Friday 14th October (Term 1) 

  • Friday 4th November. (Term 1) 

  • Friday 3rd February (Term 2) 

  • Friday 5th May (Term 3) 

Someone from the Communities Team will aim to be in touch within 7 working days of the panel meeting each term to discuss what other information they may need from you and the how to best support the creation of your new student community. You may be asked to input amendments to your new society booklet. 

  1. Once approved, the Students' Union will work behind the scenes to get all of your systems and information up and running.  

  1. Now you're ready to go! You will continue work with the Communities Team to complete the training you will need to run your society.  

  1. Finally, before your activities start, all clubs/societies must complete a Core Risk Assessment to cover your activities.  

Best of luck! 

Inactive sports clubs and societies