Arts SU provides group training to equip reps with the knowledge and skills needed for the role.  

Training covers 5 key areas.  

  • Role and responsibilities: Key aspects of the rep role.  

  • Collecting feedback: How to collect feedback from students.  

  • How and when to share feedback: Where, when and how to raise feedback with staff.  

  • Working with Art SU: How to work with Arts SU in your role.  

  • Collaborating with other reps: How to work with fellow reps in your role. 

Course Rep Training  

Course Rep training includes induction training for all Course Reps (both returning and new) and specialised online modules throughout the year.  

Course Rep Induction Training 

All 22/23 Course Reps, whether new or returning, will take part in the Induction Training. Course Reps will be expected to join us for an in-person Induction Training. In-person training will be presented by college. For those who can’t attend the in-person training, there will be an online training.   

All registered reps will receive information on the in-person and online trainings via email. 

Course Rep Training Video

A recording of the online Course Rep training session is available to access via the Arts SU YouTube channel. 

You can view it here.

School Rep Training 

Trainings typically take place before the end of Summer Term and at the beginning of the following Autumn Term. The introductory summer training covers an overview of Arts SU, the expectations of the role, and an opportunity to meet and begin working with the other School Reps. The autumn training delves deeper into how you will work as a School Rep, covering how to gather feedback, the structures and processes of UAL, and opportunities to meet key staff from the university.  


More information on the Course Rep and School Rep roles can be found in the handbooks below: 


Training Slides

You can also view the Course Rep PowerPoint Training Slides here.


Course Rep Quiz

You can also test your knowledge of the Course Rep role by taking our short online quiz.

All the information you need to complete the quiz can be found in the Course Rep Training Video, Training Slides and/or Course Rep Handbook.


Student Feedback Template

We have created this Student Feedback Template to make it easier for Course Reps to gather feedback from students on your course. 

This template can be downloaded, and edited and adaptated, to suit the needs of your course.


Rep Socials  

Being a rep means you’re part of an important community and what better way to celebrate than through our rep socials! Keep an eye on our rep newsletter for upcoming events or contact us if you have an idea of a social event you’d like us to organise.


Rep Newsletter

Each month, the Arts SU staff team send out a newsletter to the course reps with all the latest news and opportunites. 

Please see the links below for previous issues:



Being a rep can be one of the most impactful experiences of your student life, however, it should not feel overwhelming or stressful. If you find your role overwhelming or stressful, or simply need support, please contact the Representation & Democracy team at


Academic Societies 

Academic societies are a way to build community, create peer support networks, and develop in your practice area. Have a look at our existing societies and reach out to the activities team if you’d like to start your own.  


Run in an SU Election  

Feel like you’ve got what it takes to lead your Student’s Union and represent UAL students? SU elections are open to everyone and include part time college and liberation roles. Even if you don’t want to run, you should still vote! Find out more on the elections page.  


Academic Campaigns  

As a rep, you are on the front line for campaigning for positive change. If issues are not resolved through the usual rep system, we work with reps to build campaigns that will lobby the University for change. This can be on course, university of national level.  

We’ve won some pretty big campaign wins like freezing fees, anonymous marking, changes to extenuating circumstances, free Wednesday afternoons and £250,000 for mental health funding! 

To find out more about our past campaigns or how to get involved in campaigning check out our Campaigns page.