Arts SU Annual Members Meeting

What is the Annual Members’ Meeting? 

The Annual Members’ Meeting brings together students, Sabbatical Officers, and Arts SU staff each Autumn. Students can find out about Sabbatical Officer activities, ask open questions to the Union’s Trustees, and develop the Union’s policies, campaigns and projects to ensure the work we do is reflective of student voice. As members of Arts SU, all students are invited to attend and put forth their ideas.  


Why is This Meeting Important? 

This is your opportunity to direct and question how the Students' Union (SU) represents you at the University of Arts London. 

 As an independent organisation to the University, we exist to represent your interests, give independent advice, and provide opportunities for you to socialize and develop your creative practice.  

Any questions you have for your student representatives, you will be able to ask at the meeting during the Officer Q&A. 

AMM 2022 

All students are invited to this year’s Annual Members’ Meeting on 30 November, 5:00pm – 6:00pm. 

To add items to our agenda, all students are invited to submit your ideas to our Ideas Platform.  

Due to time restraints, we will only be able to discuss the 3 ideas with the most votes at the AMM. However, all other ideas that reach the 20-vote threshold will be discussed next term at the new Student Forum meetings.

We hope to see you there! 

AMM 2022 Agenda

Agenda Item



Welcome to AMM


Ellie Short & Kim Hughes (AMM Chairs)

SU Trustee Board, Affiliations, and Finances Update


Yemi Gbajobi (SU CEO)

Officer Priorities 2022/23


Officer Team

Q&A with Officer Team


Officer Team

Idea Submission 'UAL Food Regenesis'


Student Proposer

Idea Submission 'Guarantor Scheme'


Student Proposer

Idea Submission ‘Keep Police off UAL Campuses’


Kim Hughes




Past AMMs 

The results (voting outcomes) of the Annual Members Meeting 2021 can be found HERE.  
To see our round-up of last year's AMM go to Arts SU AGM: What Happened? (