Student Leaders

Your Student Leaders, commonly known in Student Union's as Sabbatical Officers, are elected in the spring each year by UAL students and are paid to work full-time for a whole academic year from July until June. 

Your Officers meet regularly with key decision makers at all levels within the university and are members of important committees where they can effect change for UAL students. 


Eleanor West

Activities Officer

Yasmeen Thantrey

Campaigns Officer

Dylan Wilson

Education Officer

Pinky Latt

Welfare Officer          


Part-Time Officers 

Each year students elect Part-time Officers who undertake their roles as volunteers alongside their studies at UAL and support the Sabbatical Officers to represent student voices through attending some meetings at the university, running campaigns and working with different groups of students to find out more about their experiences whilst studying at UAL. 

Our part-time officer roles are currently vacant as we run the elections in our first term. To find out more about how you can get involved either by standing for election yourself or voting for who you think will best represent your voice visit our elections page.