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Arts Students' Union is ran by and for it’s students. It’s down to you, the student body, to shape our direction. If you want the Union to take a political stance on an issue, put a specific initiative at the forefront of our priorities, or make a change no matter how big or small, then the best way to do this is Student Council. 

You don’t need any previous experience, and the whole thing is very quick and easy – despite what you may think. Any idea you propose will be debated at a democratic meeting known as student council. This is your chance to influence Union decisions and make lasting and impactful change. 

What is Student Council? 

  • The largest democratic, decision-making committee at Arts SU. 
  • A forum to discuss relevant and important topics, and to make your ideas and proposals a reality. 
  • Made up of sabbatical officers and part-time officers, plus other student representatives. Any current student at UAL is allowed to join these meetings and offer their views. 
  • Whatever you make it - If you have an idea, this is your chance to make change! 

Upcoming Councils: 

Next Student Council: 27/01/2021


Part-Time Liberation & College Officers

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