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Advertise With Us

We offer an official gateway to engaging UAL students through advertising and sponsorship.

Why advertise at Arts Students' Union?

UAL is home to over 20,000 students studying, living and working in London. Our students are constantly deciding which brands to buy, use and trust for the first time, in line with their ethics and identity. Choosing to market to our students is a great step towards establishing brand loyalty during and after their time at university.

Representing creative students on such a large scale requires creative thinking. We’re open to innovative suggestions and look forward to building bespoke packages with you to suit your marketing needs and budget.

UAL students are an integral part of the national and international student body in London, and are celebrated as style and culture influencers across the city and beyond. By attending UAL, our members are the leaders of the creative future:

•    Largest art school in Europe

•    Ranked second in the world for Art and Design

•    Over two thirds of the winners of British Designer of the Year are UAL alumni

•    UAL has produced over half of all Turner Prize winners since its inception

The Students’ Union in turn hosts unique events and exhibitions to meet the needs of the creative student body, and we invite you to get involved with our community and enjoy the associated sponsorship benefits.

We are a registered charity, therefore income generated through advertising and sponsorship is reinvested into improving services for our students.


Introducing native: our media partner

To advertise with us online or on campus, please get in touch with native.

As Arts Students' Union’s exclusive advertising partner, native powers our campus media and can help you to build sustainable and impactful relationships with 18-25-year-old students.

Learn more about the advertising opportunities at Arts Students' Union via our media pack.


To book your next campaign and start reaching students at Arts Students' Union, get in touch with native today. 

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