A photograph of a student asking a question at the Annual Members Meeting 2022

Your Voice

We work to ensure that all our students have a voice at UAL and have the systems to speak out and make change through their Students' Union.

Arts SU is a member-led organisation, that means our decisions and priorities are directed by our students; your voice and experiences always being at the forefront. To do this successfully we want to ensure there is always a direct line between our members and our decision making through effective feedback channels to listen and respond to the diverse needs of the student body to drive positive change at UAL, ensuring that every student has a chance to influence our work.

Find out how you can get in touch and get involved here!

How you can get involved!


  1. Contacting your representative

    Raise a query or question with us from which we can put you directly in touch with your course rep, a student Officer or support staff to help you. You'll find more information on contacting your representatives below.

  2. Submit an idea

    We always want to hear and act upon your ideas to what actions the SU should be taking on your behalf. You can submit an idea on our website which if upvoted by fellow students, will then be taken forward by the SU and Officers. Submit your idea here.

  3. All-Student Meetings

    Have a look at our All-student Meetings page to find out the dates and details for upcoming student-led meetings, where you can direct the Union’s decisions, campaigns, policies, and hear directly from the Full-Time Officers.

  4. Student Intern Research

    We recently set-up a Student Intern project, where we hire a number of students per term to help set research themes and conduct research about key issues related to improving the student experience to help direct our work at the Union. To find out more about how to get involved in the current research projects, or if you’re interested in applying for an intern role, email democracy@su.arts.ac.uk.

Contacting your representatives

Full-Time Officers

You can reach your College Officer, Student Communities Officer, or Union Affairs Officer via email on the Your Officers page. They might be able to help you with things like any cross-UAL issues, campaigns or ideas, College-level feedback or issues and anything related to the Students’ Union’s processes.

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School Reps

You can see who your School Rep is on our Find Your Rep page. School Reps represent students in their school (a range of courses grouped together) by working closely with course reps and College Officers and School Deans to escalate feedback that can’t be resolved at course-level, and co-creating solutions. You could contact them about any school-level feedback or issues, or if you have feedback that you have already raised with your course rep that might need escalating. In case you don’t know which School your course is part of, you can find that out here.

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Course Reps

You can see who your Course Rep is on our Find Your Rep page. Course Reps represent students on their course by collecting their feedback and raising it with lecturers and course leaders. They also work closely with School Reps. You could contact your course rep about anything related to your experience on your course.

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