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Arts SU Advice Service does not offer specific wellbeing advice, but we have compiled a list of resources to help you, including links to the extensive UAL Wellbeing Service.

Spiritual and religious support

UAL chaplains work for all students regardless of what religion or faith you are, or for those who don’t consider themselves as religious or having a faith.

Support with eating disorders and body image

UAL Student Services can offer eating disorder advice. If you'd prefer to speak to someone external to UAL Beat Eating Disorders is a charity that offers a student hotline where you can speak to specialists in confidence.

Visa issues

The UAL Student Advice Service can help you understand your visa status and resolve any issues you might be having.

Disability support

UAL Student Services offer a range of services for disabled students including putting support in place throughout the year if you need it.

Welfare support

Need to speak with someone about emotional or welfare issues?

Feelings of loneliness and isolation

We empathise that it can be difficult to make friends at university but Arts SU can help. We run a range of activities where you can make new friends and do interesting things.

Kooth: mental health support

1.8 million students can now access free, safe and anonymous mental health support through Kooth or Qwell services commissioned by the NHS.

Health, Wellbeing and Support for Study

The Health, Wellbeing and Support for Study Policy sets out how the University may respond to instances where there is serious cause for concern about a student’s health or wellbeing or where a student's health, wellbeing and/or behaviour are having a detrimental impact on their ability to progress academically and function effectively at the University.

Harassment and Sexual Violence

We can guide you on options for reporting, what the process may be and help you find support. We can also support you if you have been accused of any of the above and need help navigating the process.

Coping with Crime at UAL

Like all major cities, living in London means you might experience crime.

Support While We're Closed Over Easter

Arts SU will be closed 28th March to 2nd April inclusive. Find out where you can go while our Advice service is closed.

Winter Wellbeing Support

Your wellbeing should always be a top priority, but this isn’t always easy, especially with the various challenges the holiday period can present. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows and that’s okay!

Winter Wellbeing: Tips from Your Advice Team

London in Winter can be cold, dark, and pretty miserable. But your Advice team have some tips on making it through!

Introducing: Buddy Up Channels!

Our brand new initiative is an exciting expansion of our Buddy Up programme.


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