5 Student Officers posing in a group.


Made up of elected students and external professionals, the trustee board are responsible for making sure the union's finances are all in check and that all activities benefit all students.

How the trustee board is formed

Our trustee board includes four Sabbatical officers, three students and three people appointed for their expertise. You can read how the Trustee Board works by reading through our Governing Documents.


Armani Sutherland

Minna Ellis

Ellie Short

Trustee Board Chair

Kim Hughes

Sophia Nasif

Ti'onne Debnam

Dawn Buchanan

Daryl Stenvoll-Wells

Emma Mottram

Trustee Board Minutes

Date of meeting Minute
20 June 2022 Download paper
5 April 2022 Download paper
16 February 2022 Download paper
2 November 2021 Download paper
13 September 2021 Download paper

How can I get involved?

The Union holds an Annual General Meeting, or AGM, once per year in the final term, and the date is published on our democracy calendar. At this meeting, the Trustee Board will present on the Union's Finances for the previous year, detail all of the organisations the union has affiliated with on your behalf and outline any key impacts it has had over the past year. The AGM is a great opportunity for you to ask the Board any questions and hold them to account.