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We are calling on UAL to fix the fees for Home, EU and Overseas students; we believe everyone should pay the same amount from the beginning till the end of their course no matter their fee status.

We believe it’s a matter of principle that whatever a student pays for their first year of university, should be the same throughout their course.

We know in recent years fee increases mid-course have come as a shock to many International students; and with the recent Higher Education Reforms, we are concerned that the same will occur for Home & EU students.

We are opposed to all fee rises, especially at a time when maintenance grants have been scrapped, the poorest students already face graduating with over £50,000 of debt and International students are openly being treated as cash cows by the Government. Fee increases have already affected the numbers of people applying to study art and design, and we do not want to see this trend continue.

It is unacceptable that a student who started their degree agreeing to paying a certain amount a year, might suddenly have to pay more. Any increase not only comes as a shock to many but also undermines the trust that students have in the university.

Therefore we are calling on UAL to publicly commit to:

1. Consistency: A fixed flat fee-level for the duration of each individual’s studies

We demand that students’ fees do not increase mid-course, for the entirety of their studies.

It is categorically unfair that fees rise in the middle of students’ courses. Given the variable rate of inflation, this increase is a different and considerable amount every year. This can have serious implications for funding if the bursary/stipend a student receives to study in the UK does not increase in line with their fees if they’re an Overseas International student, and this also means Home & EU students are not saddled with even more debt.

2. Fairness: A cap on fee increases for new International students

We demand that international students’ fee increases are brought down and brought in line with Home/EU students’ fee increases

Though we believe that fees are already far too high, under government reforms the “inflationary” fee rises for home/EU students are around 3%. UAL has been increasing international fees at around 4-5% every year, claiming this is in line with “inflation”, but the next academic year they are increasing it by 8% - a huge jump. The disparity between increases for Home/EU students and Overseas International students is only growing, and is unfair. UAL should be central to striving to build a world where everyone can access education, no matter what their background, not turning education into an elitist achievement.

3. Transparency: A clearer picture of how much it costs to study at UAL

We demand that the University make it clear to all students what the fees of their course will be for the entire duration of it and where the funding goes prior to students enrolling at UAL.

The reasoning between the disparity of Home/EU and Overseas fees is not clear to students, it’s the university’s role to make it clearer to them. Moreover, the ‘Where The Money Goes’ infographic on UAL’s website, although a good introduction, does not give students a clear breakdown of how their fees are spent on their course.

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