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About Women in Digital Art

Welcome to the women in digital art society : )

Here, we will  introduce digital art in the form of NFT . Since NFT is more male led , we want to encourage women to use this platform, but still anyone is welcome to join.  As creative/artistic student it will help us broaden our future studies , meet new people with similar interests and create new contacts.  It is also a great way to collaborate with other talented art student and exchange ideas. We hope you will join our society !


Planned Events/Activities

  • First meet and greet (snacks/ introduce who we are and the society)
  • Meet up in café and parks and create digital art together
  • Discover new galleries and exhibitions that include digital art for inspiration
  • Promoting our work on social media platforms ( discord,twitter,tiktok)
  • Plan an exhibition (in person/online) to promote the societies members art work 

If you have any suggestions please feel free to email : )


Contact Details

Email :  ualwomenindigitalart@gmail.com

Instagram username: @ual.womenindigitalart




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