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About Film Features

UAL Film Features Society promotes exciting events and activities to help all film enthusiasts at UAL to create a community and get access to the film industry. We organise student-led screenings and events such as talks, Q&As, workshops, and masterclasses held on campus. We are based in LCC (London College of Communication) but organise events across all UAL colleges and London venues. We aim to encourage students from all courses and colleges to share their love and passion for films while getting to know fellow cinema lovers and discovering new artists and filmmakers.

Whether you simply love watching films, discussing them, or you're thinking about making your own films, we want to hear from you! By becoming a member, you'll have access to everything we do and organize. 


  • Student-led film screenings and events such as guest speakers, Q&A sessions, quizzes, masterclasses, workshops, field trips and so much more!
  • Group outings: trips to external events, screenings, and film festivals
  • Collabs with other film societies from other London universities 


President Robyn McKinson - r.mckinson0220221@arts.ac.uk

Treasurer Erin Le Fevre - e.lefevre0820221@arts.ac.uk


Instagram - @filmfeaturesual

Email - filmfeaturesual@outlook.com


  • Film Features Standard Membership£0.00


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