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About RPG Society

Role Playing Game Society

If you are joining our society after October 2023 please email us so we can provide you with the discord link!

Ahoy. Avast. Attention. Members and wannabe new recruits to the RPG society. We are currently under new management (there was definitely not a coup, or an uprising, we are very civil here). Keep an eye out for new updates as to what will be happening within the society in September – the new regime hath cometh. Our Instagram is the best place to hear all the news from yours truly and any upcoming events for you to attend.

As you may be aware the Freshers Fair is close at hand, this means if you are a prospective or current student who is not currently a member you will have the chance to meet the new 'High Council'. It will give you a chance to chat with us and learn more about the society and then sell us your soul if you're so inclined. We're looking forward to meeting you.

The ‘new management’ have finished building their dark and suspicious lair and have lots of cool things planned for the coming year. 


Planned Events/Activities

Things to look out for:

·         Society Mixers! Where you can meet fellow members of this here guild and hopefully form your own adventuring party’s and begin some quests of your own.

·         Conventions! As a society of folks who like playing make believe it can only be expected that we attend a lot of conventions. In the past we have gathered at events like London Comic Conventions and Dragonmeet!

·         Society Discord! A place for you all to converge and talk about… RPG’s I guess. It’s a very good time with lots of channels for sharing character art, playlists and other fun things people make in their free time.   


Contact Details

Instagram: @UAL_RPG

Society email: ualrpgsociety@gmail.com


President: Zet Deeth  j.deeth0420211@art.ac.uk

Vice-President: Coeden WIlliams-Dulley s.williams-dulley0520211@arts.ac.uk

Treasurer: Nathan White n.white1220201@arts.ac.uk



There are no events listed for this group right now. Why not get in touch and suggest something?


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