Candidate for the position of School Rep: LCF ¦ Fashion Business

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Luca Upper

Passion for Fashion (Education)


Hi, I’m Luca, I’m a 2nd year strategic fashion management student. I have been a course rep for two years at LCF, working with students and staff members to improve our university experience as much as possible. Fun fact about me, I am single-handedly responsible for probably half of the UK’s Nutella consumption. But I’m also very passionate about (fashion) education and removing the ?bureaucratic nonsense around it.


As FBS school rep I want to

·      Get the college to better react to student feedback by regularly meeting and working with course reps and the LCF officer

·      Work towards more transparency in LCF’s decision making by lobbying for better feedback loops and improving communication between staff and students

·      Improve student participation and make the student voice heard in key decisions by lobbying for more student representation in key meetings.

·      Improve collaboration across courses and build a better FBS community 

·      Work with the university, course reps and student societies to organise social events for the whole school


I’m passionate about supporting others. During my first year I was able to establish a weekly online meetup and create a safe space for all of us struggling during those difficult times. I have facilitated multiple social events to improve the course community. As a course rep I try to listen closely to other student’s concerns and feed them back to the teaching team. As school rep I will work closely with the school’s course reps, enabling them to better represent their fellow students.