Candidate for the position of School Rep: CCW ¦ Design

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Thanyatorn Sanguankiattisuk

I’m Thanyatorn Sanguankiattisuk. You can call me ‘Pampam’. 

I’m currently in my second year of BA(Hons)Textile Design at Chelsea College of Arts.

As a current course rep, I would like to see our community and experience at university in every better way. I believe that every small change from everyone will create a bigger 

impact on other experiences at university.

And I am passionate about representing students' voices and want to make the most of our experience here at UAL. 

Vote me as your #1 

I will make sure every feedback is considered.

I will try to work around communication issues that have been going on e.g. how to make newsletters more accessible and easier to digest. Is there a better way of communicating events or opportunities that going on for students?

I will set up an old-school way of collecting feedback around CCW Campuses as another way of collecting feedback. (Feedback box)

STV system 

Is a system that we will use at the election. Single Transferable Voting is the method that students RANK the candidates in order of preference, #1 is placed next to your favoured candidate and #2 next to the second choice and so on. So I would encourage you to vote for candidates you prefer and your second and third choices too! 

How to vote

Voting Open on 7th March 2022 till 11th of March at election page on ArtsSU.

If prefer to vote at Voting Stalls(stalls will be open on some campuses during the voting week check on website for dates and venues)