Candidate for the position of Central Saint Martins' Officer

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Olly Treadgold

Accessibility, Opportunity, Wellbeing, Community, Vote Olly #1 CSM Officer x

Hello, I’m Olly (they/them) Stage 3 BA Fine Art 

Standing for CSM College Officer

While at CSM, I have loved being involved in the studios and being a course rep in 1st and 3rd year has been a great opportunity to develop the course for current and future students. If elected, I will continue to support student experience, wellbeing, and community at CSM.

As a Queer, Trans, Fat, Mental, Northern & Working-Class student, I understand a drive for community inclusion and teaching within the university. Though I can’t represent everybody, I will practice to best represent the student voice, especially for disadvantaged, disabled, International, and BIPOC students. 

I care about ongoing Student Activism like campaigning for Sustainability and a single-use-plastic free CSM.

I believe that the Hardship Fund, Grants, and the Associate Studio Programme should be more accessible and also available to international students.

I will promote UAL Collaboration working towards a better-connected university and improving communication. I will improve moodle’s content and accessibility and create a resource for academic, work, and community opportunities.

I will advocate for more accessible Mental Health & Disability services, and staff and student training, and accommodations including online learning options for those who need it. Students starting a Mental Health & Disability society would be a great way to get the best of our wellbeing services. The SU is currently lobbying for society spaces so as College Officer I would carry this forward so that we can come together!

I will make myself available weekly across CSM to welcome and support different voices to better students’ wellbeing and experience at CSM.

Thank You : )

Please email me, message me on Instagram, or find me to talk about what you would like me to do as your new CSM College Officer

Email:   Instagram: @olly.thefatqueermodel