Candidate for the position of London College of Fashion Officer

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Ti'Onne Debnam

Vote for wellness, improved education, and access to professional opportunities!

Hi! My name is Tionne Debnam and currently, I am a BA Fashion Marketing Student. I am very excited to be running for  LCF Officer! 

Having studied at LCF for three and a half years now, I believe that I have an understanding of the interworkings of the college and the needs of my peers. Alongside my studies, I have spent my time at LCF creating events that increase student employability and working with UAL staff to decolonise university-wide education. When elected, I will continue to work towards improving the student experience while working with students and staff to create lasting change within LCF.

I have the following experience that will allow me to be an effective LCF Officer:

  • President of  the Future Marketers’ Society for two years
  • Organised ten student events including; a social media marketing panel conversation featuring a L'Oréal marketing executive, various social gatherings, and a series of portfolio building workshops
  • 2020/21 London College of Fashion Officer
  • 2020/21 National Union of Students’ Delegate
  • Panellist in Decolonising the Curriculum Teacher Learning Day, sharing not only my experience with being taught a euro-centric curriculum but my recommendations on how to create a more inclusive curriculum 
  • Facilitator for the UAL teaching and learning conference, leading a discussion around the disconnect between the teaching resources and culture and how to be more inclusive of the wide-ranging backgrounds of UAL’s diverse students

Once elected as LCF Officer, I aim to:

  • Organize student wellness pop-ups on the LCF campuses
  • Lobby for more course-industry project collaborations 
  • Organize more industry speaking and networking events
  • Continuing the work of decolonising fashion education
  • Increase community within LFC with college-wide social events 
  • Work with students to ensure their concerns are not only heard but put into action by the university 
  • And much more!