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Candidate for the position of Student Communities Officer

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Ruxi Igna

Vote Ruxi #1 for Community! A real opportunity for unity!

Ruxandra (Ruxi) Bratfalean-Igna

-standing for UAL Communities Officer-


Hello everyone!

I’ve been a passionate and committed UAL student for the past three years, studying Film Practice (BA) and being part of the Drama Society throughout. I’ve been a devoted fan of the theatre and film industries for as long as I can remember, with inclinations towards psychology, sociology, spirituality and humanity in general!

I’m running for the Communities officer role as, what I feel is a natural continuation to my two years on the Drama Society committee. It’s been so much fun and so inspiring to grow with this society, and I hope to be part of the bigger team at the Arts SU through this sabbatical role. I’ve discovered and grown my love for working with people and bringing together their ideas and dreams; much like a film or theatre director would, or even a group therapist…

We all know of the psychological and therapeutical benefits of the arts… I hope to make this side of mental health a bigger part of UAL, especially now that we are all coming out of a long and isolating pandemic. I plan to work closely with society and club committees, being their friend and guide; organizing various events that can better students’ mental and physical state, increasing wellbeing overall at our university!

Past Achievements:

  • Drama Society President 2020-2021 (online)

  • Drama Society President 2021-2022 (in person)

  • Experience in directing, therapy though theatre, children’s camps, charitable projects and loads of team work!

Future Plans:

  • Support and guide all communities: sports, societies, study, liberation

  • Develop and organize art therapy sessions

  • Make wellbeing activities accessible and visible both to students and staff

  • Improving communication channels between students and higher staff

Vote Ruxi #1 for Community! A real opportunity for unity!