Candidate for the position of London College of Fashion Officer

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Jodie Bull

Take it one step at a time!

College Officer for London College of Fashion

Jodie Samantha Bull (she/her)


I am running for College Officer at London College of Fashion. I hope you will understand my passion in working with you amazing students. Along with my enthusiasm to continue to learn and expand the community along the way!

I am a 24 year old female currently studying Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear. I  am a course rep for my current course and was a course rep on my last course too! Being a Course rep offers a chance to engage with other students to realise the diverse experiences and perspective of fellow students. I care!

If you where to vote for me I will promise to;

  • Inspire further change for the mental and academic support within LCF and build a stronger bond and encourage well being, which in turn creates a more positive perspective on our studies and will come around full circle! 
  • I hope to motivate the momentum in producing a more concise online communication service. 
  • Build a creative society and link between all students at LCF where we can build relationships for our future endeavours within our Fashion community!
  • Be a listener to help you feel confident! No matter how significant or insignificant you feel your queries may be! Furthermore, if you feel under represented depending on your circumstances, I am here to change that! I want you to feel safe in your student community!
  • Promote inclusivity!


My qualities;

  • I am a very wordly and open person, I genuinely care and want to know all your interesting quirks and personal experiences
  • I am always positive and feel I make people feel comfortable.  I know how scary it can be sometimes! Especially in the big city of London!


‘Take it one step at a time’