Candidate for the position of School Rep: CCW ¦ Design

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Kaiqi Zhang

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Name: kaiqi zhang

Project:costume year1 




Why apply:

1. I have been elected as a course rep once in the last year. I think I have grown a lot in the process. This is a good opportunity for me, so I want to run for election again.

2. In the past year, through my efforts to communicate with the college and my classmates, I can feed back the suggestions of my classmates to the college and see changes in my subsequent studies.This makes me feel that being a course rep is a very helpful thing for learning and classmates. I want to continue to do my best to make our study life beautiful.

3. During this process, I made many friends and increased communication opportunities with my classmates.

4. As an international student, because of the language, I can communicate with some international students more conveniently, the feedback is more efficient.

5. I have a very strong sense of satisfaction when teaching style has changed because of my work and students who study more easily because of my communication.


Why I think I am suitable for:

1. I've had enough experience to move into work faster without having to readjust.

2. I have strong communication skills, I have enough courage to communicate with anyone, whether it is a tutor or a classmate, I will not be shy.

3. I like to plan things, I can organize various activities very well, and I will give feedback from my classmates in a timely manner.

4. I'm very enthusiastic, I don't get bored and I can get things done quickly.

5. I will try to attend and schedule all meetings as much as possible so that there will be no absences or missed appointments.