Candidate for the position of School Rep: CSM ¦ Art & Performance

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Nick Chang

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 Hello! !  My name is Nick(Soo Hwa) Chang, running for School Representative for CSM Art & Performance.  I am currently studying at CSM, BA Performance: Design and Practice.  I’m half Korean, half Chinese.  Oh yes I served Korean military and sure I did learned a lot from that !


    During my campus life at UAL, I recognised a phenomenon that most International students often struggle to make their VOICEs heard, having certain difficulties.

   — For instance — one of my friend said most students and herself have feedback(complains) for their course leader.  However, due to her lack of English communication skills and shyness, she did not go up and talk with her course leader.  


    Since students may facing language difficulties, being away-from-home and culture differences, these may cause serious problems such as anxiety, social phobia and lack of communication with school;  which leads to an unhappy experience at UAL.



    As your School Rep, I WILL:

  • Listen:

           make sure that your voice is heard:) I encourage you to speak.

  • Communicate:

           discuss any problems, or anything you want to talk with, let me handle it.

  • Reflect:

           report issues seriously to Student Union, or directly to the school.

  • Collabrate:

           create opportunities for collaboration through courses.



— BE Brave!  SPEAK Straight! —