Candidate for the position of School Rep: LCC ¦ Design

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Lynn Marji

"Just Do It" works well, but let's do it differently.

First year Design Management student & current student representative.

I’m a transfer student and have quite a few experiences when it comes to community organisations. I’ve been trying to help make the communities I belong to function better and easier by taking up roles such as student body president and class representative for a few years before coming to UAL. Now that the opportunity presented itself, I hope to be able to make significant changes and help make the whole of the experience at UAL more comfortable and memorable thru this role, and if not, then thru any other way possible. There are so many ways to be part of something bigger than us that can facilitate the experience for other people as well as ourselves, which is what I’ve learned thru being a scout chief before coming to the UK. 

I make no promises towards irrational objectives but can make the promise of always voicing out all issues raised, as well as being straightforward and as transparent as possible. Changes or ameliorations can be reached in so many ways, which is why a school representative can only help when they are trusted by students surrounding them, and I cannot ask for trust, but will ask for a chance to prove myself.

There is no need to prolong this manifesto as I believe to have communicated what is essential, and do not want to add unnecessary words just to make you vote for me – all that’s left to say should be done in action and not in words.