Candidate for the position of Central Saint Martins' Officer

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Mina Alacalioglu

My name is Mina Orak Alacalioglu and I’m a Turkish Canadian illustrator. I’m currently studying MA in Performance Design and Practice. I think in broad terms and adapt my ideas to benefit my environment. My personality is outgoing, playful, and loyal which will hopefully translate very well to this position.

My biggest devotion is my passion for life and connection. Therefore, representing Central Saint Martins is of great significance to me. Central Saint Martins allows individuals to refine their artistic craft while honing their communication skills through the diversity of students and staff. When you have the chance to understand the nuances of different cultures and people who form them, it helps you learn ‘how you interact with others is an essential key to life’. The values that each student has inherited through their origins allow for a more integrated artistic outlook that encompasses many different cultural viewpoints. This helps achieve profound personal development in each students respective practice, giving them a well rounded world view to create the innovators of tomorrow.

I’m a great candidate because my international background allows me to adapt to various circumstances. My background as an athlete gives me a strong grounded view of what it means to be a team. I plan to use these team building skills to establish the high-performing groups with common goals. I hope to increase creativity by encouraging pathways for more collaboration across different programs through new social activity events. Lastly, I hope to evolve services available for development for international students by working closely with the language department to further promote and assist with the distribution of their services.

I will work hard to give students open opportunities to inform me of what I can do to improve their experience and to make a positive impact.