In the context of Arts SU's LGBTQIA+ History Month Exhibition, French artist Clémence Vazard hosts a sequin embroidery workshop as part of her new artwork series, Inmaculadxs.

The series features embroideries on photographs printed onto sustainable fabric, which open up the spectrum of gender and provide fluid representations. Clemence experiments embroideries with different threads and techniques to create as a way to acknowledge the explorative aspect of transidentities, and to honor and celebrate all representations of gender. With "Inmaculadxs", the artist delivers a work that brings together emotions, singular experiences, and intimate testimonies of femininity expressed and shared during its creation.

You are invited to witness and participate in the creative process of the artwork, along with the artist who will introduce you to the craft of sequins embroidery. Come join hands and voices in a large-scale participatory embroidery and celebrate gender diversity, one sequin at a time.

The event will take place in KX_A002 at CSM, which is next to the Granary Square Reception (before the ID Card Barriers).


Clémence Vazard

Clemence Vazard is a Paris based artist whose interdisciplinary artistic practice explores gendered violence and empowers female representation. From performance to video, through photography, collage and sound, Clemence Vazard appropriates each visual language to address political issues with intimate narratives. Convinced of the power of words to shape our singular, multiple and unstable identities and the need to reclaim our own narratives, the artist draws her inspiration both from her own experiences and from the intimate stories of the women she gives voice to.