5 Student Officers posing in a group.


Explore the radical potential of immersive technologies.

Date Wednesday 12 June 2024

Time 10am - 6pm

Location Wimbledon College of Arts, Room B114


Join BRiGHTBLACK for IMMERSIVE STORYLAB > a 2-day exploration of the radical potential of immersive technologies (VR, AR, MR, AI, haptics, kinaesthetics, spatial audio, video games, metaverses, avatars and more) to disrupt, democratise and decolonise. You'll understand how to apply new tools and frameworks to your own thinking, your work or interests, your community - with a practical, political and philosophical approach. There will be talks, discussions, demos, time to play around with creative technologies, learn the fundamentals of how to use them and share ideas in a supportive space. You need no prior knowledge to take part.


BRiGHTBLACK is a company of two artists Myra Appannah and Simon Wilkinson, from POC / neurodiverse backgrounds whose works have toured to 36 nations on 5 continents over the last decade from Tate Modern to an abandoned toilet in the Arizona desert. We explore the radical potential of immersive technologies to create artworks which aim to disrupt, democratise and decolonise, giving power back to the individual and their communities.


"One of the most influential UK immersive productions of the last twenty years" [UKRI]

"A glimpse of the future of entertainment." CULTURE WHISPER *****

"No one will forget this." AUSTRALIAN STAGE *****

"A real game changer." [Design My Night] ****




All students will be able to claim their travel payment back