5 Student Officers posing in a group.


Date Wednesday 15 May 2024

Time 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Location 1306



Join The Black Wellbeing Collective for an hour of a Gong Bath & Meditation experience! Take a pause, relax and unwind to sound healing. 

£1 ticket reservation deposit which will be refunded after attendance of the event/24 hour cancellation or free walk in on the day subject to availability 

Doors open from 5:15pm

How does sound healing work?

Stress reduction is one of the most important results of receiving sound therapy. It is the underlying cause of many physical conditions and it melts away with ease when you are bathed in the ocean of sound healing vibrations. 

Every sound is a vibration and this vibration touches each and every cell of our body. We perceive sound with our ears, but also with other cells in our body.


What Are The Benefits Of A Gong Bath?

  • Stress Reduction, Deep Relaxation
  • Increased Sleep Quality & Sense of Calm
  • Reduced Pain & Anxiety
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Increased Circulation, Stronger Immune System
  • Self-Regeneration, Shortened Healing Period
  • Balanced Both Hemispheres of the Brain
  • Blockages and Toxins removed
  • Soothed, Purified and Harmonised Emotions and Feelings
  • Increased Vital Energy Flow, Creativity, Intuition and Motivation

Event details 


-Using the voice to create some auspiciousness by invoking divine energies. Scientifically proven to pacify an agitated mind. The call and response section of mantra is optional but greatly encouraged. 


Pranayama and intention setting

-Preparing the body and mind by using breathing techniques to engage the parasympathetic nervous system to induce calm. 

-Setting an intention to ground our practice. 



As many of us do not practice meditation daily, Sound healing goes straight to source. The frequency of vibration tunes the brain into the state of meditation by accessing the alpha or in a  Delta brain waves. 



Reflection and connection. 

Reflecting upon what we learned about ourselves, each other. Sharing any insights.


Your Facilitator

Vaun (They/Them/He) has been guiding healing modalities such as Yoga, Gong, Pilates and Reiki for over 5 years In a variety of environments. They believe that their role as a guide should be intrinsic to the origins of the healing practices, adapting to the subtle nuances of modern living. They endeavour to live and reflect upon their teachings with consistent study and practice, to elevate their ability to disseminate and produce knowledge. Vaun cultivates a sensuous, enveloping environment, governed by their natural creative and curious nature. Encouraging participants to abandon the ego, in order to explore new dimensions of self.

Vaun has a track record working for clients such as Gymbox, Lululemon, Third Space and the NHS.