5 Student Officers posing in a group.


Date Saturday 10 September 2022

Time midnight - 3pm

Location Online


Hello Freshers! If you are heading to UAL in September and looking to join the Christian Union, please help us by submitting your contact details here. We'd love to reach out to you and get to know you better! 

Simply purchase a ticket for free and your details will be passed onto us via the ticketing system. We will use your details to keep you updated about Freshers' events happening at UAL CU, as well as future events throughout the year.

You will also be automatically signed up for our buddy system, where we will link you up with a returning student from CU.

*This is for the committee's use for outreach purposes, and does not officially sign you up for the society. We will be providing more information on how to do that closer to the start of term.