5 Student Officers posing in a group.


Date Wednesday 26 January 2022

Time 6:20pm - 7pm

Location Arts SU High Holborn Room HH203


UAL Pole Dance and Fitness Society Give it a Go - Session 3 Wednesday 26th January 18:20-19:00

Come join us for another GIAG session! This session is for complete pole beginners who just want to try out pole for the first time. For students who have tried out pole before, we recommend you book a single class pass for our regular sessions so you can get a real experience what our classes are like!

We do have specific Do’s and Don'ts for our classes and some vital items you will need to bring: 

  • DO wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt/sports bra (So you can grip the pole!)
  • DON’T wear any moisturiser on the day (or else the pole would be too slippery for you!)
  • DO respect the instructors at all times and respect other peoples boundaries and pronouns
  • DON’T wear any jewellery. You may come with jewellery, just be prepared to take it off when the session starts
  • Inform the instructor straight away of you have an injury or feel unwell at anytime
  • Take regular LFTs before coming to this session to protect yourself and fellow students

Location: Room HH203, Arts SU Building High Holborn, 272 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EY