In this session we will be teaching you how to cut lino and create prints. We will be printing a square each and creating a collaborative poster of all of our designs which you can keep after they have dried. This is optional, and you can just use your lino square to create your own indepentent artwork as well! This session is ideal for anyone who wants to learn a new and useful skill, used across a range of creative subjects. It's also perfect to meet new people and create a community of creatives as we are making a collaborative piece together ??

We will be providing paper, lino cutting tools, lino blocks, and ink - so just come to the workshop with ideas and enthusiasm!

We will be hosting the workshop from 3:00-5:00pm at the Camberwell College of Arts graphic design studios in room A303. Please pick up a ticket so we can monitor numbers :)

This event is free for members and will be for members only - so be sure to buy your membership!

Any questions, email Katie at k.cray0120201@arts.ac.uk or send us a message on our Instagram @vis.ualsociety