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About Us

Chinese society aims to help all UAL Chinese students in life and study. We have the experience in running school exhibitions that helps Chinese students promote themselves and their artwork. In this new school year, we will put more effort in our online media; such as mainstream Chinese media like Weibo and Wechat. Furthermore, our website will be completed this year which will provide a new way for us to promote the Chinese society. Plenty of new activities will be coming your way, and we are looking for more Chinese students to join our big family. We would like to take care of all the members of our group regardless of whatever problems they may face at UAL.



[Freshers' Fair], Event, September 2017, UAL CSM.

[Bowling], Member activity, October 2017, London.

[Freshers' party], Club activity, October 2017, London.

[Halloween Party], Club activity, October 2017, London.

[Photography Show], Exhibition, January 2018, London.

[Now Showing Show], Exhibition, March 2018, London.

[Lol competition], Competition, March 2018, London.

[End of Term Exhibition], Exhibition, June 2017, London.


Contact Details


President, Lilian Yang,

Vice President, Quinta Li,

Vice President, Stephanie Xu,

Treasure, Cathy Zhuang,

Secretary, ViVi, Deng,


Social Media


Weibo: 伦敦艺术大学中国学联




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