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The UAL Islamic Society hopes to create a community where Muslims and non-Muslims can meet each other and find a sense of unity.

We would love to create a place where students can find friends with whom they already share common ground. We hope to make a space where students feel comfortable to discuss pressing issues in the Muslim community. It will be great to have a charity aspect to our society, where we organise fundraisers to help specific charities. Overall, we would like the Islamic Society to be a society that represents a place where people can be free to express themselves, meet people they can relate to and create a solid social circle.

Planned Events/Activities:

  • Initial lunch to get to know everyone (possibly on campus/possibly at a restaurant)
  • Trip to the Islamic art and design exhibit at the V & A.
  • Guest speakers (people in the creative industry/Islamic talks/Muslim alumni)
  • Islamic art workshop by Muslim Museum Initiative 

Contact Details:

Noor-u-Nisa (President)


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