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The Mentally Chill Society is a safe space for students dealing with mental health issues to network, meet up, and socialise with each other in a non-judgemental environment. There is a private Facebook group for the society, and we host regular meet ups where we engage in activities based on wellbeing (i.e. craft workshops, therapy animal sessions, yoga, and mental health-specific workshops).

We currently run a weekly coffee and catch up drop in for members, as well as a bigger event every month. So far we have run a zine making workshop, a Christmas film screening, a yoga and smoothies workshop, and the infamous PETS'NPIZZA!. In addition, we will are always on the lookout for mental health and art related exhibitions and talks for us to attend! We are keen to get students involved, and would love to take over a gallery space at UAL for a positive mental health and art exhibition put on by members to showcase our talents. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions, because we want to organise events that we all will want to take part in!


Q- Do I have to have a diagnosed mental health issue to join this society?
A- No, but please be aware that this society is for students with mental health issues, so we want it to be a safe space, free of judgement, and this means sensitive topics may be discussed. Feel free to accompany friends who are having problems!

Q- Will I be expected to talk about my own mental health issues?
A- Only if you feel comfortable doing so! This society is about creating a place where students dealing with mental health problems can speak openly and network with others, but you are under no obligation to disclose anything you don’t feel comfortable with! We understand that not everyone is at the stage where they feel able to talk openly about their problems, and that is 100% okay.


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President: Kat Outten /
Vice President: Myfi Mountford


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