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Results: Annual Members Meeting 2021

Find out the results from this year's Annual Members on the ideas and resolutions that were submitted for students to discuss and vote on.

Thank you to everyone who participated and attended this year's Arts SU Annual Members Meeting 2021. This is just one of the many ways students can get involved in directing and shaping the work of the Students' Union and how it addresses the needs of the student body. 

At the Members Meeting, there was 1 resolution and 3 ideas put forward by students. Here are the following results and outlined next steps the Officer Team and SU will take. 

1. Resolution - "Arts SU Response to UCU Strike Action' 

For - 70%
Against - 0%
Abstain - 30% 

The resolution has PASSED. The SU Officer team will now work towards the following actions as outlined in the resolution document :

  •  Actively support UCU at UAL with their strike action and their campaign for better pay, working conditions and contracts, hence issue a statement in line with this position.

  • Work with UCU and UAL to lobby UCEA to resolve the disputes and therefore end the current industrial action, with the aim of minimising the impact of strike action on the educational experience.

  •  Work with stakeholders to find reasonable ways of mitigating the impact to the educational experience caused by industrial action, such as through expanding extenuating circumstances provisions.

  • Work with UAL on the topic of fee rebates for those who have had their educational experience negatively impacted by industrial action.

  • Ensure students are informed on why strikes are taking place working with materials provided by NUS and UCU to run digital campaigns, in addition to supporting student-led initiatives who choose to bolster University staff on the picket.

  • Speak out on behalf of Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs)/Postgraduate Teaching Assistants (PGTAs), in order to defend their interests, as they are also members of the Students' Union.

A dedicated campaigns page will be created to showcase the UCU Strike action campaign, progress and how students can get involved. More general information and queries around the UCU Strike Action taking place from Wednesday 1st December - Friday 3rd December can be found at UCU Strike Action: Info Hub ( 

2. Idea - 'Take to the National Union of Students Conference an idea to legalize freelancing under the International Student Visa' 
Brenda Hernandez Gonzalez 

For - 97%
Against - 0%
Abstain - 3%

The idea has PASSED. The SU Officer team will now work with the proposer and National Union of Student Conference Delegates to submit a motion to the NUS Conference in 2022 (March) on the subject of legalizing freelancing under the International Student Visa. More information about this campaign will be listed on Get Involved in Current Campaigns at UAL ( 

3. Idea - 'The Students' Union will lobby UAL on the continuation of available distance learning (online) in term 2 21/22 for students.'

For - 41%
Against - 48%
Abstain - 11%

This idea is REJECTED. This does mean the SU has not been formally mandated by the student body to lobby UAL on this idea, however individual students are able to raise feedback to the Full-Time Officers on their experiences/hopes for distance online learning throughout the academic year. This also can include raising feedback to course representatives to relay in course committees /schools, run a campaign or speak to UAL/Arts SU staff. 

If you are a student worried about the availability of online distance learning on your course in terms 2 & 3, please do get in touch with the UAL Academic Support teams or the SU Advice Service. 

4. Idea - '“The Students’ Union should pay course reps for their time attending UAL meetings on an hourly basis”

For - 54%
Against - 30%
Abstain - 16%

The idea has PASSED. This means the SU Officer team will investigate methods by which course reps can be paid for their time in UAL meetings. Workaround rewarding/renumerating reps will be in alignment of relevant employment law/legislation, value-added tax and the 1994 Education Act.  Any financial impacts or effects to the Students' Union as a charity will be reviewed by the SU Trustee Board to ensure the organisation is financially secure. 

Current Position 
Arts Students' Union currently trains and supports a network of 1000+ course representatives across UAL, where courses/cohorts at UAL should have at least 2-course reps who are representing the views and academic experiences of their peers. Course representatives are volunteers who provide their time voluntarily as outlined in the 2021-2022 Job Description.  Any additional meetings or requirements outside of the key responsibilities of their role, it is the position of the Students' Union that course reps are financially renumerated for their time. 


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