The Net Gallery scans Xhibit 2022

We are pleased to announce for 2022 that Arts SU have collaborated with The Net Gallery to provide an exclusive 3D virtual scan of the exhibition.


The Net Gallery is a digital arts platform that uses cutting-edge scanning technology to turn physical exhibitions into interactive 3D virtual tours.

With more than 190,000 views, our virtual tours showcase exhibitions to an increasingly global community of artists, galleries, museums, curators and art lovers. Our growing list of clients and partners includes Dulwich Picture Gallery, Bonhams, NOW Gallery, Zabludowicz Collection and University of the Arts London.

We collaborated with The Net Gallery for our Made in Arts, London showcase hosted at TM Lighting and loved the realistic aesthetic of their scans which really brought the exhibition to life in an accessible and user-friendly manner. We love how as an organisation they are keen to provide and promote works from newer, emerging or early career artists and felt they would be a great fit to provide a unique digital experience of the exhibition.

Xhibit 2022 was hosted at The Koppel Project New Bond Street 09/06/2022 - 20/06/2022 and featured work from 23 artists:

Pau Aguilo Hernandez | Elaoise Benson | Cherie Chun | Yarden Fudim | Rhyan Jordan Holder | Hollis Hui | Emmanuelle Iroakazi | Amelia Johnson | Jomile Kazlauskaite | Janice Kei | Nisa Khan | Matilda Madaj-Solberg | Rosie Mather | Arabella Muir | Kenichiro Nakajima | Nusra Nijimbere | Elliott Roy | Emma Elvins Nogueira Dos Santos | Tong Shi | Marina Tasca | Ciana Taylor | Abigail Weston | Ayshe-Mira Yashin

Explore the scan via the above image link or via: Arts SU (

Each work has been 'tagged' with details which feature in the annual exhibition catalogue; the artists name, course and college, alongside a short work description and their contact and social handle details.

We've also worked with The Net Gallery to provide extra tags for our student-led curatorial statement from Xhibit Curator Veronica Grazioli. An interview with Veronica is also due to be published via The Net Galleries online magazine Artists N Virtual: TNG MAGAZINE - Artist N Virtual

We'd like to thank Richard Unwin and all at The Net Gallery especially Gary for the fantastic scan and Aaron for the support and tags.