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Conversations with Students Research

Our first 'Conversations with Students' research at Arts Students' Union is complete!

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We’re really pleased to present the results of Arts SU first ‘Conversations with Students’ research report, which provides valuable insights into the views and perceptions of students, staff and course reps on the student representation structures at UAL.

The research builds on similar pieces of work across the sector to explore the views of all three groups and to propose recommendations and topics of discussion on the future of student representation structures which support quality assurance and enhancement at UAL.

This research is therefore occurring at a salient point in the institutions work in this area and enables a ‘check-in’ on its overall health.  

It is important that the purpose of this work is not solely about one single stakeholder or group but the combined contribution that we can all make as a community to ensure effective partnership working and make a positive impact for the benefit of all.

We hope to repeat this research periodically every 2-3 years and hope in doing so we can track experiences over time and have an ongoing conversation about the effectiveness of our work in this area.  

We look forward as a Union and in partnership with the University and its Colleges to implement the recommendations within this report.

Read the report here - Conversations with Students Report


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