The Activities Legacy Campaign

Our club and society committees of the year 2020/21 share their best moments!

This year has been tough on everyone and our clubs and societies have been keeping student communities going throughout. Being a committee member is a great way to create community, pursue your passions and develop your skills.

In the spirit of our current elections, (you can nominate yourself here), hear from our current committee members below!


“The Drama Society means growing, learning, adventure and loads of fun for me. It has been a chance to give back energy and time to wonderful people."

- Ruxi Bratfalean-Igna, President of the Drama Society


"As President of UAL Climbing for two years, I’ve been able to encourage and enthuse students to get involved in a sport that’s now really growing in popularity. Through organising club meet-ups, facilitating events, and coordinating trips abroad, I’ve developed strong organisational skills and gained confidence in my ability to do things that might be outside of my comfort zone. I’m glad I challenged myself to step up to a Committee Member role; in listening to what members want, we’ve ultimately built a wonderful community that brings together students from across the university."

- Hannah Billett, President of Climbing


"Leading a Life Drawing Society has been a unique and unforgettable experience filled with both challenges and joy. I believe, that more students should take part in active studentship to explore themselves in new roles!"

- Alisa Filiushina, President of Life Drawing Society


The most important part of being the President of a society to me, is to be able to see the positive change you can provide for other students and their mental health. I joined in 2019 when I lost a loved one and helped me loads and encouraged me to become President. Since then, I have had the opportunity to meet people from different UAL colleges that I would have never met if it weren’t for the society. We are part of an incredible creative community, and societies allow us to meet creatives from outside our courses and colleges.” 

– Bea Taylor Searle. President of Equestrian 


"It was a pleasure being a part of a such a warm and welcoming sports team, UAL Hockey, along with having the chance to captain it. It taught me the importance of leadership as well as the value of having a solid community both on and off the pitch. I study Graphic Design Communication and the leadership skills and teamwork experience ties in quite closely with what I do and overall helped me a lot in building up my confidence in team, collaborative environments. This experience made me value sport, hockey, a lot more than just as a physical activity."

- Sean Chen, Manager of Hockey 


'This past year has been challenging and turbulent for all of us. However, being the president of the UAL African Caribbean society has positively impacted my year in more ways than one.  By further connecting our vibrant community at UAL through online events and workshops, we have been able to create fantastic opportunities and initiatives for students across all campuses. UAL ACS has been a joy and a light during these difficult times and I trust that the UAL African Caribbean society will continue to flourish and expand in the future.”

- Alyshia Jack, President of African Caribbean Society 


"I can safely say that Arts FC has made my university experience. From the football to the socials, it has been an integral part of forming some of the friendships I will hold onto forever. My role as president has allowed me to really mature my people skills. Taking control of everything behind the scenes has also grounded a better understanding of dealing with organisations and clients. Both of which I can invariably take through in my practice. Knowing how important the club was to me when I joined UAL, facilitating the sport has been a very rewarding role and has allowed me to form a good relationship with the community."

- Harrison Tyrer, President of Men's Football 


"During my role as President and Captain of Women's Football, my confidence and many other skills have developed. I grew as an individual and learned from every teammate and rival I met. If I am being honest, I got into the community not expecting much from it, and with time I realised it was one of the best things from my 4 years at university. I developed my passion at a greater level every week with people I now call family. Sports is also a great way of meeting new people outside of your course which ended up being very helpful in my career and I was able to collaborate with other creatives."

- Paula Sanchez, President of Women's Football


All of the Latinxs Collective Committee took part accenting how strong their team has been this year. They said:

"Being part of this collective has been the biggest opportunity to learn managerial skills, responsibility and most importantly what it takes to make ideas/projects happen. Every year I meet new people that contribute so many friendships and opportunities that go beyond UAL, I am so thankful for this hub."

- President Victoria Maldonado @vmefashion

"I really enjoyed designing the collective's website, I’ve had the opportunity to meet students doing very interesting work. As well as, gaining teamwork and organization skills, these have been transferable to my academic/professional life."

- Vice President: Michelle Leaño Escobar @tubeibidotcom

"For me the most important part has been the overall experience of working as a team and meeting people; there’s a really big sense of belonging and community. As well as enriching my professional experience and CV."

- Social Media Manager: Carmen Del Pilar Villanueva @carmendelpilarv

"As a Graphic Designer, it’s not very common to get so much creative freedom or have your own briefs. The collective is a safe space to create and propose alternative graphic approaches to communication problems. For me has really been a platform visibilize student talent and to share our skills."

- Graphic Designer: Adán Farías Forero @adandarias

"My biggest takeaway has been meeting people, learning about their interests and projects. Especially working in the Artists in Residence exhibition (AIR). It has been a way to maintain my identity and it is my main community to connect and keep in touch with other Latinx people in the UK."

- Portuguese Ambassador: Naomhán Spier @nevspr


If you are interested in becoming a committee member this year, nominate yourself here

Nominations close Sunday 30th May at 5pm