The UAL Complaints process gives students the chance to voice their concerns about their course, a service or a person at UAL. Your concern will be listened to, investigated and responded to by someone who isn’t immediately involved in the substance of the complaint. 

We’ve written a quick guide on what you need to know before submitting a complaint. This isn’t a substitute for advice so we recommend getting in touch with us if you’re about to complain!

Quick facts about Complaining at UAL

When can I complain?

You can bring a complaint if something goes wrong. If you’re unsure if a complaint is the right option we can advise you on all options and the strength of your case.

It’s important to note that, in general, complaints can’t have academic outcomes so if your circumstances have affected your marks then you will also need to submit an Appeal. You can find more info on submitting an Appeal here

What’s the deadline?

You can complain at any stage whilst you’re a registered UAL student but the sooner you speak to someone the better.

If you’re leaving UAL you have up to three months from the time you get your degree award confirmed by the Exam Board.  

Key UAL form

Complaints Form

Average length of process

28 days from submitting your Complaints Form

Dissatisfied with the outcome?

You can appeal the decision; more information below

Here is a bit more info…

There are 2 ways to start the complaints procedure, raising a concern (which is an informal process) or moving straight to the formal process.

Raise a Concern / bring your complaint informally

You could raise your concern with UAL by sending an email, detailing your complaint and the ideal outcome to your campus's student complaints email address which can be found below. This is an informal way to bring your complaint which the UAL call ‘Raising a Concern’. UAL will look into the complaint and try to resolve the issue within 10 working days.

This is ideal if you’re looking for a quick solution or if you need an immediate response. If you don’t agree with the outcome at this stage you can bring a formal complaint.

Raise a Formal Complaint

You can start your complaint here or submit a formal complaint after you have ‘Raised a Concern’.

You start the formal complaints procedure by filling out a ‘Stage 1 Student Complaint Form’ and sending it to your campus's student complaints email address. Include as much detail as possible as well as any supporting evidence. This will start a formal process by UAL where they will look into your claim and may lead to a full investigation which can take up to 28 days. You have the right to appeal if you don’t like the outcome of this process.

The Process

Below is a timeline of the process.


Complete the Student Complaint Form

Submit it to the College Student Complaints Officer


Don’t investigate

Investigating Officer appointed

Process ends

Not happy? Appeal within 28 working days

Investigation carried out in 28 working days


Outcome reached



Not happy? Appeal within 28 working days



Submitting your Complaint

Whether you’re raising a concern or submitting a formal complaint you do so using the following email addresses.

Camberwell Chelsea Wimbledon

Central Saint Martins

London College of Communication

London College of Fashion

If you’re raising a concern about UAL accommodation, you should contact them directly in the first instance. Their e-mail address is:

Possible Outcomes

This depends on your complaint and what you want to achieve from it. Successful complaint outcomes range from an apology from UAL, financial compensation, the correction of timetables to the improvement of facilities. Each case is dealt with on a case by case basis and, if your complaint is upheld, the outcome will be at the discretion of UAL.


If you’re unsatisfied with the outcome of your complaint you can appeal. The next step depends on the outcome at the first stage. Your outcomes letter will indicate what to do next.  

What can the Arts SU Advice Service do for me during the UAL Complaints process?

  • Advise you on the process
  • Help you structure your form and the reasons for your complaint
  • Read over your form and suggest any changes
  • Guide you through the appeals process if you don’t like the outcome

Note – We can’t advise you if your complaint is about Arts SU Officers, Services or Staff as this is a conflict of interest. You can find our Arts SU complaints policy here.

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020 7514 6270

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*Correct as of September 2018