Extenuating Circumstances

The UAL Extenuating Circumstances process gives students the chance to ask the exam board to consider things in their personal life which will have or has had an impact on their assessments.

You can submit an Extenuating Circumstances claim up to 2 weeks before the exam board meets. If you’re late you’ll need to wait for your exam board results, at this stage you can submit an appeal, check out our appeals page here.

We’ve written a quick guide on what you need to know before submitting an Extenuating Circumstances claim. This isn’t a substitute for advice so we recommend getting in touch with us if you’re about to submit an Extenuating Circumstances claim!

If you need emotional support or help you can find out more about the resources available here

Quick facts about applying for Extenuating Circumstances at UAL

What can I appeal on?

You can submit a claim if something unexpected, significantly disruptive and beyond your control interfered with your performance in the assessment.

When can I submit a claim?

You can submit an Extenuating Circumstances claim until 2 weeks before the exam board meets.

I’ve missed the deadline

If you’ve missed the deadline you will need to submit an appeal but you'll need to wait until you receive your exam board results.  We’ve written advice on appeals which you can read here.

Key UAL form

Extenuating Circumstances Claim Form

Average length of process

24 calendar days

Dissatisfied with the outcome?

You can appeal the decision; more information below

Here is a bit more info…

The extenuating circumstances form asks you for your information, what your extenuating circumstances are and how they have affected your studies. They also ask you to attach evidence to your form.


Update: March 2020

During this period affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, you should continue to submit and undertake assessments where your course teams have made this possible. The University will continue to operate its extenuating circumstances procedures for these assessments. If anything has happened to you that prevents you completing, submitting or undertaking assessment, you should let us know by submitting extenuating circumstances.  This includes anything that relates directly to COVID-19.

Because the present situation will make it difficult for anyone claiming extenuating circumstances to provide evidence, you may submit your claim without evidence. When you enter the system, within your portal, please follow all stages and indicate that there is no evidence available. Your claim will be considered on the basis of your statement.

This is a short term measure to reflect the impact that COVID-19 is having on the ability to access the usual support mechanisms which would supply supporting documentation. We will update again when the situation returns to normal.


Notwithstanding the above, if you are able to provide evidence, the form contains guidance on the types of evidence that is usually accepted. We have written guidance on gathering medical evidence which you can read here

Gathering the right evidence can be tricky so feel free to get in touch if you’d like some more detailed advice.

Submitting the Form

You need to submit the form to your College Extenuating Circumstance email address as listed below













or via the Student Portal.


The deadline for submitting is at least 2 week before the Exam Board Meeting. You can ask your Course Administrator for the date of your Exam Board Meeting

What happens next?

Your form will be considered by an EC panel. You can find the dates of the next EC panel by contacting your Course Administrator. The EC panel will then make a recommendation to the Exam Board. You’ll hear the outcome of your EC claim within 24 calendar days but you may hear sooner.


These are the potential outcomes depending on when you submit work and if your EC is accepted.


EC Accepted

EC Not Accepted

Submit on time

Your grade will be automatically increased by one increment


You can choose to resubmit the work at a later date if you are unhappy with your grade. Your mark will be uncapped

Your work will be marked as normal


Submit up to 14 days after the deadline

Your work will be marked as normal with no late penalties


You can choose to resubmit the work at a later date if you are unhappy with your grade. Your mark will be uncapped

You will incur late penalties

Up to 1 hr late

Marked down 1 increment e.g. it will go down from B+ to B

1 – 24 hrs late

Marked down 1 letter e.g. it will go down from B+ to C+

Not submitted

Resubmit the work, whole unit capped at a D-

Do not submit any work

You will receive a resubmission opportunity. Your mark will be uncapped


You will receive a resubmission opportunity and be given a new deadline to submit your work by but this grade would be capped at a D-


You can appeal using the UAL appeals process. Get in touch and we can talk you through this.

What can the Arts SU Advice Service do for me during the UAL Appeals process?

  • Advise you on the process
  • Help you structure your form and the reasons for your EC claim
  • Read over your form and suggest any changes
  • Advise you on preparing evidence

Get in touch










10am-12pm - Monday to Friday - 272 High Holborn, WC1V 7EY

020 7514 6270

Upon request

Other links

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I need emotional support  

Extenuating circumstances, whatever they are, can be disruptive. If you need someone to speak to for emotional support please check out our additional support section here

*Correct as of November 2018