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Info on the UCU Strikes

We can advise on a range of issues which might affect your time at UAL. This website will give you an overview of some of the most common problems we advise on and how we can help. The Advice Service is confidential, which means we won’t tell your college you have approached us.

You can access quick advice on Academic Processes and Housing matters by following the links. 

If you're not sure where to start try our self-help questionnaire below or get in touch.

Self-help Questionnaire


Get in Touch

If you've been in touch before please reach out to the last person who advised you. If you can't remember who that was or haven't seen us before we'll assign you one of our friendly advisers. 

Book an appointment at any college

- Email us -

- Request a call back 020 7514 6270

We aim to respond within 3 working days.

Come to a Drop-In

We run drop-in at LCF, CSM and LCC. Drop-in works on a first come first serve basis so we can't guarantee you'll be seen. Drop-in may be cancelled last minute. We'd recommed booking an appointment here

LCF - High Holborn - 1st Floor Monday - Friday 10am - 12pm
CSM - SU Office - 1st Floor Monday - Wednesday . + Friday 10am - 12pm
LCC - Canteen beside the entrance of the library Monday - Thursday 10am - 12pm

You can book an appointment at Chelsea, Camberwell, Wimbledon, CSM, LCC or LCF here


Arts SU Advice Service has a number of policies that lay out how we will provide you with a quality service and explains how we use your data. 

You can access the Arts SU Advice Handbook here.

 Meet the Team

Our team is made up of professionally trained advisers with expertise in UAL regulations and housing.   

Colum - Advice and Policy Manager 

Colum is a law graduate with 5 years’ experience working in high education. Colum is an experienced caseworker advising on academic and housing cases. Colum also leads our policy team, researching student issues and helping our elected officers to lobby for long term change at UAL.

Evelyne - Adviser

Evelyne has been working as an adviser at Arts SU for almost 7 years providing information, support and advice. Evelyne is a law graduate and has previously worked in various different charities as an adviser/caseworker.

Helen - Adviser  

Helen is an alumnus of the London School of Economics. She has over 4 years’ experience in Students’ Unions and has been at Arts’ SU for almost 3 years. Helen is an experienced caseworker advising on academic and housing issues. Helen also helps coordinate projects with our elected officers, such as student-led mental health training.

Monica - Adviser 

Monica has a Multidisciplinary Masters degree, She has 4 years’ experience working in higher education. Monica is an experienced caseworker advising on academic cases. Monica is part of the Advice and Policy team, wishing to grant student satisfaction and whole round representation for students at UAL.

Tegan - Advice Engagement Coordinator 

Tegan is a current student at UAL, studying BA Fashion History and Theory at CSM. Tegan assists the advisers and promotes the advice service on campus, by running engagement events. Tegan has previous experience in student ambassadorial roles and aims to be a representative of the student voice within the SU.