Welcome to the Arts Boxing Club!


Our Sports Offer

We are a non-competitive sport, where everyone is welcome! All levels are invited to join- from complete beginners that just want to incorporate some sport into their week, to the pros that have been doing boxing for years & all in between.

Boxing is the best sport to do to get fit and healthy- it's fun & social and a great way to de-stress and sweat. You'll feel stronger, fitter & with all that serotonin pumping out, definitely happier. Whether you come to get fit or fight, we'll build your endurance & agility. 


During Covid-19

Due to the pandemic, we have had no in-person sessions this academic year, however we have held some online boxing and fitness sessions led by a boxing coach throughout the year. The sessions focused on boxing technique with some fitness incorporated too.

When we move to in-person classes we will provide boxing gloves & pads, as well as some equipment for the fitness portion. Just bring some water and a towel. You're also welcome to bring your own gloves & hand wraps.


Our Committee

President: Amaya Smith - a.crichton-smithalbizua0120191@arts.ac.uk


Once you've paid for membership join our private Facebook group!