We are Royals Cheerleading! 


Our Sports Offer

We encourage anyone to join whether you have previous cheer experience or just want to try a new sport! We train both socially and competitively with an emphasis on developing skills from beginners to more advanced levels. We have 2 competitive stunt teams (level 1 & 2) and a competitive pom team. Dependent on the season, we usually take part in around 4-5 competitions between the teams.


A Normal Year

We train twice a week. We really enjoy socialising as a club and regularly attend Wednesdays sport socials, as well as holding the occasional cheer get together that is privately organised.


During Covid-19

Due to the pandemic, there has been no in-person training this academic year. However, we have held online events and workout classes throughout the year.


Our Committee

President: Simone Lyons -  s.lyons0720181@arts.ac.uk

Treasurer: Pearl Gerald - p.gerald0220191@arts.ac.uk

Vice President: Emily Dyer - e.dyer0720181@arts.ac.uk

Captain: Caitlyn Isaac -  c.isaac0720181@arts.ac.uk

Pom Captain: Laura Gibson - L.gibson0720182@arts.ac.uk

Social Sec: Olivia Davison - o.davison1220181@arts.ac.uk

Social Media Sec: Amza Beharry Ruddock - a.beharry-ruddock0920191@arts.ac.uk