At Arts Dance we are a big community of people who love dancing, whether it’s to stay fit, improve our skills, or simply to have fun. Not only is dancing a great way of staying fit and building your confidence, at Arts Dance you will also meet new people from across all the UAL colleges, making new connections and friends. Anyone is welcome to join! We offer a range of styles at different difficulty levels, so whether you’re a complete beginner or a more experienced dancer, you are bound to find the right fit for you.

We offer weekly classes of each dance style at various levels and additional practices on the weekends leading up to shows and/or competitions, We also have an annual show and participate in inter-university competitions - this is not something you have to do when you join us, but it is a fun opportunity to show other UAL students what our club is all about and to meet dance teams from other universities. We are a very social club and aim to hold monthly socials, such as pub or club nights with other clubs/societies.


Once you have gotten your membership, please fill out this survey to let us know what style(s) you want to join!



Styles and Times
Monday 4:30-5:30
OR Monday 5:30-6:30
Monday 6:30-7:30
OR Tuesday 5:30-6:30
Tuesday Beginners 7-8
Tuesday Intermediate 8-9
Wednesday Beginners 6-7
Wednesday Intermediate 7-8
Wednesday Advanced 8-9
Thursday Beginners 5-6
Thursday Intermediate 6-7
OR Thursday Intermediate 7-8
Friday 6-7


Our Studio

Unless otherwise specified, all classes take place at the LCF High Holburn Campus at 272 High Holburn.


Our Committee

If you need to talk to us, or if there is something you want to know more about don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

President: Karoline Winzer - k.winzer0720181@arts.ac.uk

Treasurer: Elaoise Benson - e.benson0320191@arts.ac.uk

Vice-President: Abbie Ingleby - a.ingleby0720181@arts.ac.uk

Street Dance President: Linda Cebecauerova - l.cebecauerova0720181@arts.ac.uk

Ballet President: Susie Gaffney - s.gaffney0520191@arts.ac.uk

Contemporary President: Alice Chen - a.chen0120201@arts.ac.uk

K-Pop President: Mexiuan Cheng - m.cheng0220191@arts.ac.uk

Bhangra President: Deepra Gagneja - d.gagneja0720181@arts.ac.uk

Heels President: Dannah Cruz - d.cruz0420211@arts.ac.uk

Social Sec: Tilly Cullen - t.cullen0720181@arts.ac.uk

Media and Events Manager: Helena Liu - h.liu1220191@arts.ac.uk

No elections are currently running